Tips for Gorgeous Photography Portraits

Smiling Like The Mona Lisa and other Photography Portraits Poses

Photography portraits are the best way to capture your family together. You have a perfect record of how your family looks at one point in time, especially if everyone in the photo is smiling, happy and natural. That’s the aim anyway! But if posing feels uncomfortable or awkward, those feelings will be reflected in your photo. Here are our best tips to have you looking great for your portrait pics.

1. Don’t say cheese

say cheese

Photography portraits where everyone is saying ‘cheese’ will give you all screwed up faces. You know saying cheese doesn’t give you a natural smile (neither does ‘jeep’). Instead, try remembering something funny during your photo session; share a family story or joke. This will help you bring a genuine smile that shows a twinkle in your eye, not an unnatural grin.
If a big smile isn’t your thing, try the Mona Lisa smile. For this famous smile, keep your mouth closed and think of something that makes you feel happy. The result will be a subtle upturn of the mouth, which can be perfect for a more formal photography result.

  Angus May 2014_008C    

2. Turn your body for your photography portraits

That’s right – for a great photography portrait, avoid standing straight on to the camera. Tilt your body slightly away from the camera so you need to turn your head back a little toward the camera and the light. Standing straight-on can make you look quite big, blocky and formal, while turning your body a little is flattering and makes for a much more relaxed look.

Fiona Corporate_002B   Mum to edit-10bw

3. Bend your arms

Photography portraits where your arms are limply hanging by your side can look dull and have you feeling awkward. Put your arm around the person next to you at waist or shoulder level. Or, put your hand on your hip or in your pocket so you are making an angular line with your arm. This adds levels and visual interest to the photo instead of having everyone lined up like school kids. It also gives you something to do with your hands, rather than having them nervously scrunched on your lap.
By remembering these few tips for your photography portraits poses, you’ll be sure to capture your best look. After all, you want to see the natural, happy images of yourself and your family in those photo memories that are going to be treasured for a lifetime.

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