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Newborn Props: Modelling For Your Baby

Newborn props are a part of almost all photography sessions with a new baby. Props are the items we photographers use to add another dimension to the photos taken of your precious new little bundle of joy. Yes, your tiny baby on its own is just pure delight for photography. But a few extra little items can really make your baby pictures pop.

What are newborn props?

Newborn props enable us to really highlight unique aspects of the tiny, tiny person in your life. Our props are generally objects that your baby can be placed in or on, that have a lovely level of softness, or perhaps contrasting textures, can be draped over or wrapped around your baby. Some of our favourite props include different coloured faux fur, baby blankets, knit wraps, baby hats, headbands, and baskets, tubs or suitcases. You might like to bring a treasured item of your own to use as a prop with your baby, like a treasured family heirloom or favourite sporting memorabilia.

Why use props in a baby photo shoot?

Using newborn props in your baby’s photography session can accentuate many different and special things about your baby. Here are some of the props we love to use and why we use them:
• Faux fur – This is a great contrast to the smooth, soft skin of newborn babies who often seem almost hairless when they’re born. Plus the fur is very soft and comfortable for new babies to snuggle on for the photo shoot. Choose from different coloured furs to suit your personal taste.

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• Baby blankets – Blankets offer a nice contrast in textures and fabrics. Woven and knitted blankets add a different texture, they can be very finely woven to more rustic thick weaves and use a variety of yarns from smooth and uniform to more shabby and fluffy. The blankets can complement or contrast your baby’s supple skin.

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• Knit wraps – Wraps are so versatile because they can envelope your baby’s little body nice and firmly or relaxed and loosely. Babies loved to be wrapped as it gives them comfort and sense of security, and a knitted wrap around their body really highlights all their delicate and tiny curves.

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• Baby hats and headbands – Hats and baby headbands can clearly define the silhouette of your baby’s face. They act as a frame to really bring out the features of your little one’s face – from the shape of their eyes, nose and mouth, to the outline of their chin, ears and face. Baby headbands that are oversized flowers or a little sparkly can add a lovely touch of elegance and grace to photos.

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• Baskets, tubs or suitcases – These props can create a completely new style for your baby’s photo shoot. Teamed with faux fur, baby blankets and knit wraps the layers of texture and comfort can create a level of style from cute and whimsical, to natural and outdoorsy, to calm and sophisticated.

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