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Family Photography Doesn’t Always Have to Look Like a Bad Christmas Card

Family photography is so much fun – said no one ever! When you get that one perfect photo of your baby looking ever so cute it is truly magical. But getting to that point when you’re taking photos of your own family can be tricky. Don’t risk an appearance on the ‘10 worst Christmas card photos ever’ list! Here are my top tips on how to take beautiful, natural photographs of your family.

1. Location, location, location

Choose family photography locations where everyone feels comfortable. From your own home or backyard, to a playground or park, take your photos in a place where family members of all ages can feel relaxed. This might also mean choosing a quiet location that doesn’t have too many other people around to avoid your family feeling obliged to pose instead of being themselves.

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2. Handy family photography

Hands can be a real problem in family photography. Adults and kids alike are often unsure of what to do with their hands when posing for photos. Worst of all are the kids who like to put their hands up over their faces or make bunny ears behind their siblings’ head – grr! My tip is to find a way to keep their hands busy. Allow kids to have a bit of fun with a thumb in the pocket, holding mum or dad’s shoulder or even get adults and kids holding hands for the shot.

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3. The power of distraction

You can take the pressure off your family photography by distracting your family from the situation at hand. A lot of people become nervous when the camera comes out, so try recounting a funny story or something a little embarrassing, like ‘remember last week when mummy … ‘. This is a great time to take turns telling jokes, or to try a little tickling among the kids. Lightening the mood gives you the best chance of naturally happy smiles instead of forced grins for your images.

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4. Sensible, serious or just plain silly

It can be hard for smaller kids to keep on track with what you want in your family photography. They might be able to do what you ask for a few shots, but then they tend to go a little crazy. I say go with this! Talk to them about taking the photos you want, then let them make funny faces or ‘free style’. If they’re up for it, switch between sensible and silly. You could even make it into a game of ‘Simon says’. Sometimes the kooky, funny face pictures are beautiful in their own ways.
Trying using these family photography tips the next time you want to capture precious moments with your loved ones. Before you know it you’ll have everyone looking naturally at the camera so you can fill your family photo album (or hard drive) with lots of gorgeous pictures to cherish forever.

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