Children’s Commercial Fashion Photography – fashion shoots with kids!

Mini Sandcrabs S14_012

Props and craziness required for commercial shoots too!

Whether it’s setting up a lemonade stand on the beach or making the backyard shine as it never has, it is important to me that I work closely with my client to capture the essence of their label and their vision for the story when capturing children’s commercial fashion photography for their current season. Most labels release their range for the next year’s season at the end of the current season so we were shooting in January for the summer 2014/2015 range of togs for Mini Sandcrabs swimwear. Unfortunately the weather was not ideal but with a little Photoshop and a lot of ‘no rain dancing’ we managed to finish the shoot and call a wrap before the skies opened up! It can be a challenge working with children even one on one at the best of times, so with a gaggle of little people there are always a few moments where the ‘mother voice’ comes in handy. All in all they were all really well behaved and loved the opportunity to get wet, down and dirty for the last part of the shoot! (A little sugary lemonade on a cool stand always helps to gain compliance too!) See all of local designer Emma’s gorgeous new range here (even Prince George can be seen strutting his stuff in Mini Sandcrabs!)

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Experience with portraits of Brisbane kids always helps…

Hasaknapp S15_54

From the beach to the backyard, I have been working with Brisbane based designer Jane from Hasaknapp to capture her photographic vision for her pajama range for 3 years now. Each season we seem to get faster and more efficient with the output and have become relatively expert at casting the perfect children for each outfit. With my experience in capturing children’s portraits (and again a few mother’s voice moments!!), we managed to shoot both the studio style ‘lookbook’ shots and the more creative lifestyle shots all in one hit  in a timeframe of just over 2 hours whilst wrangling little models ranging from 18 months to 14 years old! To find these fabulous pajamas for your children visit the Hasaknapp site here

 Hasaknapp S15_13  Hasaknapp S15_39 Hasaknapp S15_18

Hasaknapp S15_57 Hasaknapp S15_55 Hasaknapp S15_56

If you would like to discuss booking in for your children’s fashion range please Contact Me so we can discuss your needs and visions further

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