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4 Christmas Baby Photography Ideas

Baby photography ideas are endless when it comes around to Christmas photo time. The festive season gives us so many opportunities to add special props, gifts or colours – taking your photos to a whole new level of cute! If you want to take a gorgeous picture of your little one to use as your family Christmas card, to frame and give as gifts, or to simply savour the memories of this joyful season, here are five of my favourite ideas.

1. Dress in a festive colour theme

Starting with the easiest baby photography ideas first, simply dress your kids in the colours of Christmas for their photo. Red, green and white are the traditional colours of the season, so a photo of your baby dressed in any one of these colours or a combination can immediately look like Christmas. Add a sprinkle of silver or gold in shoes or hair accessories for a touch of glamour.


Brisbane Baby Photograohy

2. Costumes make cute Christmas pics

Completely adorable baby photos come to life with costumes. Christmas has so many dress-ups to offer. What’s more, they are easy to find and inexpensive. Try one of these costumes for your festive photo:
• Santa hat
• Reindeer antlers
• Flower Garland
• Santa’s little helper
• Christmas stockings.


Christmas Baby Photography Brisbane

3. Christmas tree baby photography ideas

Your Christmas tree (real or fake!) will make a great prop for festive baby photography. Depending on the age and stage of your baby, they can sit or lay near the tree, or you can capture their picture while they are hanging baubles or tinsel on the tree. Of course, this may turn in to a photo of your child taking baubles off the tree – but that’s all part of the fun for kids at Christmas time!

Christmas Baby Photography Brisbane

4. Get decorative for your pic

Using Christmas decorations makes for really beautiful baby photography ideas. For very small babies you can position decorations around them – whether your baby is sleeping or not. Then for bigger babies and kids you can let them play with decorations like tinsel, garlands and baubles and capture their expressions as they explore these lovely trimmings for your tree.

Kids Xmas shoot ti edit-1text

These top four Christmas baby photography ideas are just the tip of the iceberg of all the fun and gorgeous options you can explore to capture the essence of the festive season.   Please always remember to take care with your baby when including props during your photo shoots, avoiding anything that could be swallowed or end up tied around their necks.   But, most importantly,  have fun  with it!  Photographing your baby festive style could become your new Christmas tradition!

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